Our key principles

  • TO SUPPORT PERFORMANCE at every stage of a company's life.
  • A TEAM OF SPECIALISTS and an extensive network across France and around the world.
  • INDEPENDENCE in order to innovate, defend and advocate, free of incompatibility.
  • BILLING premised on transparency and flexibility
  • INNOVATIVE MANAGEMENT so everyone can grow and use their skills and creativity to deliver practical services in the client's best interest.
  • NEWS

  • 2012 : 5 new executives have joined SEH LEGAL

  • 2011 Law and Litigation Trophies - SEH LEGAL distinguished as "The fastest growing team in corporate restructuring in France"


  • pdf SEH LEGAL Presentation

  • pdf Interview, Sandra Esquiva-Hesse.

  • pdf In October 2010, Sandra Esquiva-Hesse ranked 2nd on the Financial Times Most Innovative Lawyer of the Year list.

  • With a team of multicultural and multilingual attorneys from large international firms, Sandra Esquiva-Hesse, a member of the New York and Paris bars, founded SEH Legal to provide all clients – small, mid and large caps alike – the highest quality of legal services and guide them thru all stages of their development so that legal assessments could be a lever of growth.

    SEH Legal offers its clients legal services for corporate and finance restructuring transactions (including in and out-of-court work outs and insolvency proceedings), and related corporate litigation using the principles of independence, pragmatism and excellency.

    SEH Legal uses a modern approach to management, a 'think tank' of regular publications and 'innovation meetings' in an effort to inspire and support its clients with new - yet practical - ideas for ongoing support that incorporates legal analysis as one of their lever of growth, one way to think broader.